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Negotiating Opposite Messages December 7, 2010

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In, A Theoretical Agenda for Entertainment-Education, Singhal and Rogers address resistance in the message environment.   They term American tv shows  “which valorize lewdness, sexual irresponsibility, greed, and other antisocial messages” as “entertainment degradation” or “entertainment perversion.”  I would actually group The Biggest Looser with these programs, as it reinforces negative assumptions about health and wellness (in addition to the intrinsic value system messaged through the show), though under the more dangerous semblance as a positive health promoting multiplatform mechanism.

Describing entertainment-education’s challenge in confronting opposing positive health and social messaging, they write, “A subtler, yet more potent form of resistance to E-E discourses comes from a sea of media message in which, for instance, aggression is exemplified and portrayed as a preferred solution, socially sanctioned by super heros who triumph over evil by violent means.  Such portrayals legitimize, glamorize, and trivialize himan violence (Bandura, 2001, p. 277), complicating the task of E-E interventions.” ( 125) The Biggest Looser serves as an example of such pseudo “preferred solutions” in the domestic social context as well as “entertainment perversion” in its role conveying American culture in the international sphere.



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